We’re Home!

Our new building and campus is now mostly complete and we moved into the building in October of 2016. The building houses 60+ employees and the job duties range from Electrical Lineman, Line Clearance Arborists, Sub Station Technicians, Meter Technicians, Electrical Engineering, a 24/7 Electrical Systems Dispatch Operations Center and Administration among others. Please note that we do not set up utility accounts or take utility payments at this location – this is all handled at our Customer Service Office (3-1-1) that is located at City Hall (351 West Center St.).

Our new building and complex pays tribute to the history of Provo Power which began in 1940. If you’d like to come by for a tour and to find out more about what we do we’d be happy to schedule an appointment. Please contact us at or by calling 801-852-6886.

There are two construction projects happening on the south west corner of the complex. One of them is a power substation upgrade, and the second is the new natural gas peaking power plant to take place of the old one that was decommissioned in 2016. The new plant will operate more efficiently and with less emissions. For more information on either of these projects you can call 801-852-6852.









Net Metering

Provo Power is a big proponent of solar and other renewable energy sources, and we see a bright future with more and more options that are becoming readily available for our customers. With all the recent interest in (and confusion about) the current state of solar power and net metering in Provo, we thought it might be helpful to share an explanation of how net metering customers are always utilizing the electrical grid and why the rates and fees are set the way they are for net metering customers in Provo.


This video explains in good detail how it all works, but feel free to contact us if you have more questions. You can send an email to or call 801-852-6802 to schedule an appointment.