#publicpower – It’s what we are – but what do we do for you?

Provo Power and the American Public Power Association (APPA) celebrate #publicpower during the month of October. This year we are offering prizes for our customers that participate by posting a simple photo or video on social media with the hashtags #communitypowered & #publicpower and also incorporating the theme:

What does Public Power do for you?

(be sure to tag us or post it to our pages!)

Three (3) grand prize winners will be awarded a NEST Thermostat, and five (5) others will be awarded a $25.00 credit to their electric utility bill.

Eligibility requirements (will be verified):

  • Must be an active Provo utility account customer in good standing
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Can’t be related to any employee in the Provo City Power Department
  • Posts have to be published by midnight on Thursday, October 18th, 2018
  • Participants will be considered if posts to pages include both hashtags and are theme related.
  • Winners will be announced on Friday, October 19th by 5:00pm on our social media pages.

“What does Public Power do for you?”

Electrical services, In-Lieu-of-Taxes/City Budget Transfers, Emergency Services Personnel, Utility Tree Trimming, Street Lights, Microwaves, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Computers/Cell Phones, Wireless Routers, C-PAP, Oxygen & Other Medical Equipment Needs, Etc… Can you think of other things that Public Power Does for you?


Net Metering

Provo Power is a big proponent of solar and other renewable energy sources, and we see a bright future with more and more options that are becoming readily available for our customers. With all the recent interest in (and confusion about) the current state of solar power and net metering in Provo, we thought it might be helpful to share an explanation of how net metering customers are always utilizing the electrical grid and why the rates and fees are set the way they are for net metering customers in Provo.


This video explains in good detail how it all works, but feel free to contact us if you have more questions. You can send an email to or call 801-852-6802 to schedule an appointment.