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Provo Power’s Mission Statement: We provide reliable energy services through investing in employees, infrastructure, technology, and community outreach. We are proactive stewards of the environment while maintaining our fiscal responsibility to the citizens of Provo.  

Provo Power, otherwise known as “The Energy Department” provides reliable electricity with superior customer service at a competitive price to the residents and businesses in Provo. The Department operates and maintains over 38,000 meters, 380 miles of distribution lines, 48 miles of high voltage distribution lines and 18 substation transformers. Provo Power is the largest municipally owned electric utility in the state of Utah. 

Provo Power is the largest municipal power system in Utah and one of six members of the Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA). UMPA schedules all city resources plus other member resources as needed. The other members are Spanish Fork, Salem, Manti, Nephi, & Levan.

Below is a list of some of the plants and resources that are used to generate power for all six members of UMPA.


Year 2021 Winter Capacity (kW) Summer Capacity (kW) Peak (kW) 2021
*BMB Hydro 1,360 1,360 1,000
Bonanza 34,000 34,000 34,000
*Member Hydros 3,170 3,170 1,620
*BYU CoGen 16,200 16,200 14,950
*Clover Creek Solar 80,000 80,000 77,100
*CRSP Available 40,000 33,000 58,000
*CRSP WMAT 3,000 3,000 4,000
*Deer Creek 0 4,000 4,000
Hunter 27,000 32,000 32,000
*Olmsted 3,550 3,550 9,900
Provo Plant 12,000 12,000 12,570
*Shared Solar 4,000 4,000 3,910
West Valley Plant 200,000 180,000  
*Windward 50 50  
Market     432,000

Provo Power’s overall resource mix consists of 48% *green energy with a goal to be 60% green by 2030. This goal will stretch our resources and capacity, but it is a goal that we can achieve and still utilize our baseload power as necessary for reliability and growth in our city.

Provo power offers an option for customers to purchase blocks of wind power or solar power. Check out www.renewchoice.com for more details.

Provo Power is often compared to other utilities, but more specifically Rocky Mountain Power. There are vast differences between us, but the most notable difference is that we are a Public Power Provider, which means that we aren’t owned by private investors, rather we are publicly owned by our customers and managed by a Citizen Advisory Board (Energy Board), the Provo City Municipal Council, and the City Administration.

Instead of annual returns to private investors, Provo Power gives back to the community by way of an annual transfer of 10% (over $8 million) to the General Fund. This is a huge benefit to our customers as it benefits the city overall and helps provide city services that would otherwise be collected by taxes.

As a public power provider, our responsibility is to our customers. It is critical to evaluate where we spend our money and how it gets distributed to our customers while continuously adapting to the current electrical needs and trends. 

Provo Power strives to provide competitive, yet reliable, and sustainable electric service to our customers and our community. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our vision, planning, programs, rebates or what we provide to the citizens of Provo.


Clean Power

Power generation is a big part of Provo’s self-sustaining industry— and as of the fall of 2017, we are proud to run the cleanest generation in the State of Utah that technology offers. The Natural Gas power plant will emit the equivalent annual emissions of only eight cars while producing more electricity than the original power plant used to.

new power plant clean air infographic


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