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If you have questions about Net Metering or the installation process, feel free to contact our office by calling 801-852-6852.

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We at Provo Power are supportive of Solar Generation/Net Metering, but here are some items for you to reference if you are thinking about installing solar:

There are three licenses and or certifications that every company should have at a minimum.

  1. A S200/ S202 electrical license
  2. NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certification or equivalent.

Sales certificate for their sales team NABCEP

Engineering certificate NABCEP

Installation certificate NABCEP

  1. The Licensed and certified individuals should be doing the installation. No part of the install should be done by unlicensed unsupervised individuals.

In order to install a solar array that is going to perform as expected it needs to start with the design. The engineer that designs the system should have additional training as well. NABCEP

The performance of the system short and long term starts with the design.

There are many downloadable designs on the internet, but they may be boilerplate/generic and don’t meet the design standards for installation in Utah. The system should be designed for Utah specifically.

Do you know what Net Metering is and how it works?

If you don’t know what Net Metering is, the video to the right is a great in-depth description of how net metering works. Also, the diagram below is a simple explanation for the complex topic that is more specific to Provo. The current rates and policies are under review with the Municipal Council and are always subject to change, but we are available to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 801-852-6852.

net metering


*The information given in the diagram above is under review by the municipal council and is subject to change.



Understanding NET METERING




Net Metering in Provo

Provo Power is a big proponent of solar and other renewable energy sources, and we see a bright future with more and more options that are becoming readily available for our customers. With all the recent interest in (and confusion about) the current state of solar power and net metering in Provo, we thought it might be helpful to share an explanation of how net metering customers are always utilizing the electrical grid and why the rates and fees are set the way they are for net metering customers in Provo.

This video explains in good detail how it all works, but feel free to contact us if you have more questions. You can send an email to or call 801-852-6802 to schedule an appointment.

*Rates are always subject to change.

Net Metering on a National Scope

This is a general scope of how net metering works with the utility and is not specific to Provo.



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