Current Outages

Although we do not like to have power outages, unfortunately outages can occur for reasons including:

  • scheduled maintenance on the power infrastructure
  • vehicle accident
  • wind/rain/snow
  • mechanical failure

When you call (801)852-6000 and report an outage using the automated phone system, the outage details you provide are routed automatically into our Outage Management System (OMS). Together with our SCADA, OMS, and AMI Smart Meter Network we monitor our grid and equipment 24/7.

Provo Power Outage Management System

Provo Power Outage Management System

The Provo Power Outage Map links directly to our Outage Management System and is updated every five minutes. During outages, we update our systems and social media outlets to keep you well informed of what’s happening and when you can expect your services to be restored.

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If your power is out, but isn’t reflecting on the map, please call 801-852-6000 to report the issue.



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